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We offer appointments for assessment of need and measurement of both Silver Ring Splints and Oval 8 Splints for adults in Sydney.


What are Silver Ring Splints?

Silver Ring Splints are a patented finger splint made from sterling silver which are custom made and sent from the USA. Silver Ring Splints can be used for a variety of reasons including:
  • hyperextension of small finger joints
  • lateral instability (sideways movement)
  • thumb stability
  • promoting joint extension
  • minimising and preventing further deviation of joints
  • trigger finger
  • dislocations and subluxations of the MP joints (knuckles)


Silver Ring Splints are ideal for:

  • long term splint use
  • those looking to avoid the stigma associated with typical “splints”, as they look like jewellery
  • EDS/Hypermobile patients looking for MP joint support
  • managing deformity in rheumatoid arthritis

What are the costs involved?

Appointment Costs
  1. Appointment #1 = $160 (including ordering)
  2. Appointment #2 = $80 for fitting
Splint Costs
  • Splints cost upwards of USD$89 (that’s for the basic hyperextension splint)
Shipping Costs
  1. International Shipping = USD$16
  2. Return Shipping from Australia if needed AU$25
  3. Exchange Shipping = USD$16
  4. For orders over USD $1000 = USD$65 + Australian Customs Tax  [Option to split orders]
If you want to read more about the splints & the Silver Ring Splint Company, you can visit their website www.silverringsplint.com

What are Oval 8 Splints?

Oval 8 Splints are thermoplastic (very lightweight heat mouldable plastic) splints which are available in standard sizes only.


What are the benefits of Oval 8 Splints?

  • They are relatively cheap (approx $25.00 ea)
  • They are lightweight
  • They are skin coloured, so blend in with most skin tones quite well
  • Locally accessible (therapist order)
  • Can be altered slightly by therapist to achieve better fit


What are they used to treat?

  • Hyperextension of the small finger joints
  • Promoting joint extension (worn the opposite way)
  • Lateral instability of the small finger joints


What costs are involved?

Appointment #1: $160 (assessment, measuring & ordering)
Splints: $25 + (or less depending on quantity)
Appointment #2: $80 for fitting
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